10 Common Lies Nigerian Guys Tell 10 Common Lies Nigerian Guys Tell
Views 208 By Dammy Adunni Okin We are all accustomed to the fact that Nigerian guys tell lie especially if they are after a chic... 10 Common Lies Nigerian Guys Tell

By Dammy Adunni Okin

We are all accustomed to the fact that Nigerian guys tell lie especially if they are after a chic they claim to be having feelings for. But wait! In order not to be guilty of hasty generalization, let us say most Naija dudes lie.

 Everybody lies but there are some lies which we come across generally from the males. And we going to be looking at some of them accordingly:

1) I don’t normally do this

This is a very common lie men tell. And this pops up when they are doing what in a normal judgement isn’t right enough. You can never meet any man that tells you this is what he does frequently but they tell you they don’t normally do this just to shelter a kind of orientation you may have about them because of the act.

2) I was charging my phone, I missed your call:

You begin to wonder if they don’t remove their phones from the charger at all with this, “I was charging my phone” excuse. When a man is avoiding your calls because of one thing or the other and you burst into them with another number they are not familiar with, they tell you straight without mincing words. It’s a very common lie.

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3) I am expecting to be paid for a job:

 This is another very common lie. Men who say this know themselves. When they have a lady who they are too broke to spend for or do not want to spend at all for her, they bring up this lie. And I tell you that guys like this don’t get paid until the lady in question decides to leave or an irreconcilable differences ensues between them.

4) Hey girl! You’re the prettiest I have ever come across.

When a man tells you this, it’s a big lie. You can’t stop seeing pretty people each time, so it’s impossible to see the prettiest of all time. Guys who say this are trying to gain attention from the lady because they are aware that ladies love to hear compliments that has to do with their face, stature and skin.

5) I am the son of the wealthiest man in…

Fake sons of wealthy men are scattered all over the earth. This is a very common lie among men. They tell this simply because they know it’s part of the passport to gaining entrance into the Lady’s heart. Women are always too emphatic on the type of home the guy comes from. If they had told the lady that their parents have no dime in hand, she would never stay. But when they start attaching themselves to a popular wealthy family, she could stay.

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6) My girlfriends always leave me

Haaa….. This comes out of every guy’s mouth. With all the heartbreaks we hear that come from guys, no one will own up on breaking a Lady’s heart. So, who is the culprit? They tell their prospective new girlfriend when she asks about his ex that they all left him. Why? They don’t always want to look like the bad guy in their relationships.

7) You’re the only one I ever loved

This is a very common lie. The point is they had never fallen in love with anyone, so, if you are wise enough, you will know that you are part of the ones he hasn’t fallen in love with yet. If he tells you you are the only one I ever loved, it simply means he’s not yet in love with anyone but has to tell you that so that he can get what he wants from you.

8) You are the mother of my unborn children

Guys say this a lot. They put your mind at rest by telling you that in order to let you loosen up for him. Especially when you are the tough type, men keep saying things that will serve as a reassurance and reminder to still keep you close to them for the meantime..

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9) I will invest in you soon, what’s your business choice?

This is a big lie. A man who tells you this frequently is not ready to do anything for you. Men who would do that would rather carry it out first in form of a surprise than ringing it in your ears fruitlessly.

10)   I can’t do without you

Men who say this are the worst liars. Unfortunately, he can let go of you the next minute but if he doesn’t say that, would you stay?

Do you know other lies guys tell, drop them at the comment box. See you soon

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  • Nova Sandra

    August 29, 2016 #1 Author

    Lol. what about lies ladies tell.


  • Aminat

    August 29, 2016 #2 Author

    Nigerian guy will tell you: my dad is a senator.


  • Kechi

    August 29, 2016 #3 Author

    I have never f**ked before. Their lies


  • Cynthia

    August 29, 2016 #4 Author

    I have always loved you


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